Every year, we undergo an annual audit from a peer reviewed, independent accounting firm. 

The audit is conducted in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America and the standards applicable to financial audits contained in Government Auditing Standards.  We receive an opinion on the financial statements, the internal control over financial reporting, compliance for each major program and internal control over compliance with our federal grants.  We have received an unmodified opinion on our financial statements and federal award compliance.  There were no material weaknesses, significant deficiencies or reportable instances of noncompliance on our reports for internal controls.

“Counting our blessings . . . Please know that your ongoing support has an immediate impact. Our families appreciate you so very much!” — Kathryn Straniero, executive director

Should you have any questions please contact the Executive Director at 708-663-5040, ext. 7215 or 6315.  (Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat software is necessary to access the linked files that follow.)

Donor Privacy Policy

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Audit Reports 2005 – 2018

2017-2018 Annual Financial Report
2016-2017 Annual Financial Report
2015–2016 Annual Financial Report 
2014–2015 Annual Financial Report
2013–2014 Annual Financial Report
2012–2013 Annual Financial Report
2011–2012 Annual Financial Report
2010–2011 Annual Financial Report
2009–2010 Annual Financial Report
2008–2009 Annual Financial Report
2006–2007 Annual Financial Report
2005–2006 Annual Financial Report

IRS Form 990 2006 – 2018

2017-2018 Form 990
2016-2017 Form 990
2015-2016 Form 990
2011-2012 Form 990
2010-2011 Form 990
2009-2010 Form 990
2008-2009 Form 990
2007-2008 Form 990
2006-2007 Form 990
2005-2006 Form 990

Illinois Form AG-990 2012 -2018

2017-2018 Form AG-990
2016-2017 Form AG-990
2015-2016 Form AG-990
2014-2015 Form AG-990
2013-2014 Form AG-990
2012-2013 Form AG-990

Single Audit 133’s 2013 – 2016

Single Audit A-133 6/30/13
Single Audit A-133 6/30/14
Single Audit A-133 6/30/15
Single Audit A-133 6/30/16

Questions? Contact Kathy Straniero our executive director at 708-663-5040, ext., 7215.