Community Service Hours

It takes a lot of volunteers to get the job done at Together We Cope, including people looking to perform community service.

  • Volunteer Community Service: If you are a student over age 16, you can volunteer with us! Hundreds of teenagers ask to help out every year and spots fill up fast! To do your community service hours at TWC, we need to hear from you at least one month before the day you want to start volunteering. Unfortunately, we cannot fill all student community service requests. To ask if dates are available, email our volunteer coordinator Cathy Trongeau or phone her at 708-633-5040, ext. 7221.
  • Court-ordered community service: To find out if you qualify and to ask if any upcoming dates are available for court-ordered community service email our community service coordinator, Cathy Trongeau or phone her at 708-633-5040, ext. 7221.