Buy your lucky ticket today.

Current jackpot is over $7,000 (5/23/19).

Drawings at NITE GAMES BAR & GRILL at 5544 147th St., in Oak Forest, on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. until the winning ticket is finally drawn. Winner need not be present.  Click here for raffle rules and information.

Tickets can be purchased at NITE GAMES, and NU2U RESALE SHOP on Oak Park Ave during normal business hours.


What is the Queen of Hearts Raffle?

It is a game consisting of a deck of 52 shuffled playing cards, plus two jokers.  Each card is placed onto a sealed game board, numbered from one to 54 and displayed during event hours. To play, one must purchase a set of raffle tickets ($5 for six tickets), write their name, phone number and the number on the playing board where they think the Queen of Hearts is hiding.  Each week, a ticket is drawn randomly from a large bin, and the card that corresponds with the number on that ticket is revealed.  If it is the Queen of Hearts, the ticket holder wins the grand prize (60% of pot if present, 50% if not). If there is no grand prize winner, the game rolls over with whatever cards are remaining.  In addition to the Queen of Hearts, additional winning payouts include: any other Queen or Ace:  $100 (if present), $20 (if not present) and Joker: $250 (if present), $20 (if not present).

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Mandi Williams, 708-263-0302, ext 6106 or

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