A safety net for those who fall through the cracks — Jason is homeless. After successfully avoiding a medical emergency, his life is organized and his medical condition is under control. He sought help when his epilepsy medication ran out because he was unable to recertify on time for his state medical benefits. [Read more]

Together We Cope can help with rent.A little help with rent eases life for cancer survivor — Berta paid her own way all through her adult life, so it took a lot for her to ask for help with rent and utility bills when cancer changed all of her plans. She was referred to Together We Cope by the American Cancer Society where, as a breast cancer survivor, she received some support. [Read more]

With only $2.14 left in bank, single mom finds help at TWC — Anna lost her job and had only $2.14 left in her checking account, she and her 12-year-old son were sleeping in the car, she’d had knee surgery only a few months earlier, and then her car was totaled in an accident. [Read more]

Cold, hungry and sleeping in the car — She walked into our office one day in late November without a coat and wearing flip-flops on her feet. Both she and her baby had colds, and they were hungry. She, her fiancé and the baby had been homeless for a year, and had spent the last few nights in their car. She said sometimes they could spend a few nights at a friend’s home, other times they can afford a hotel room. [Read more]

Loss of a job triggers a family crisis —  Heba and Abdullah Zayed were delighted when their new baby, Amir, joined their family. Though their budget was extremely tight, they managed to juggle their expenses in order to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. When Abdullah began to lose hours at work, he fell behind on utility bills and began to use his rent money to cover those costs. The landlord was angry, as this was not the first time they would be late on rent. [Read more]

Together We Cope provided help with overdue rent.Help between jobs keeps a family in their homeTogether We Cope provided stability. Like a lot of single mothers, Sandy’s three children are the center of her world. She has always worked hard to support her family. Spring brought the excitement of her middle child’s high school graduation and her oldest child’s return from college. But she also lost her job at a local retailer. Joblessness threatened her family’s stability as she realized her situation could easily spiral downward. What if the next step was losing their home? [Read more]

When hard work is not enough— She worked hard all of her life and did her best to pay her bills on time. Because she was so independent, it very difficult for her to ask for assistance from Together We Cope. But there came a time when she did need assistance. [Read more]