How We Help

From sudden job loss to catastrophic medical expenses, there are many reasons people suddenly find themselves facing a financial crisis.

At Together We Cope, we offer support in many ways with one goal in mind—to prevent homelessness.

When we’re able to provide food, shampoo, diapers or clothing, it helps our clients stretch their dollars to cover rent, mortgage or utilities so they can stay in their home.

Here’s how we help:

Financial help
Making emergency payments of rent, mortgage and utilities to prevent homelessness

Food assistance
Giving a week’s worth of groceries to 5,000 people a month, Monday through Friday. Supplementing this assistance with personal care items like shampoo, toothpaste, even diapers—items that are not covered by a Link card—to stretch a family’s dollar.

Helping clients replenish their wardrobes with credit vouchers for Nu2u, our resale shop

Back-to-School program
Sending hundreds of children back to school with new backpacks full of school supplies

Adopt-a-Child holiday program
Making Christmas brighter for hundreds of children by distributing holiday gifts and warm clothing

Families First program
A multifaceted program that provides both housing and guidance in learning basic life skills that enables homeless parents to succeed at raising and supporting their families