Nu2u Resale Shop needs donations year-round.
Volunteer Sheila Stahr sorts through clothing and houseware donations at Nu2u.

Every day brings a surprise for volunteers at Nu2u, our resale shop at 17010 So. Oak Park Avenue. As area residents drop off their gently used clothing and housewares, volunteers open the bags and sort through the donations to prepare them for sale in the shop.

Sometimes, there’s a gem of a find: maybe a designer bag, or a pair of trendy jeans, or even a $20 bill someone left tucked in a jacket pocket. Sometimes people donate odd items found in a departed relative’s home, items that can have great value. Such was the case with a top-quality professional meat slicer found in a relative’s basement! Once, an engagement and wedding ring set slipped off a woman’s finger unnoticed as she packed her used clothing for donation. Luckily, TWC often can track down such a donor and return their “accidental donation” to them.

Donations from the community keep the resale shop up and running, generating income for TWC client programs and filling a need in the community for affordable clothing and housewares. The shop is always in need of children’s clothing, and larger size clothing for men and women.

Please remember us the next time you have items to give away. Please call 708-633-9180 for more information.