Volunteer your technical business skills to help us help others

Tom volunteers at TWC two days a week implementing new software packages and performing data analysis

Volunteering at TWC two days a week, Tom implements new software packages and performs data analysis.

Tom Willette of Evergreen Park volunteers at Together We Cope two days a week tackling a tedious job that sounds like Greek to most of us. He’s assisting in implementing new software packages, and performing data analysis that will result in an improved business process.

In terms that most of us can readily understand, he’s merging our many donor/customer lists into one cohesive master list that will allow us to choose specific audiences, and provide more services where needed.

Tom is retired from Staples Business Advantage, and previously worked for IBM. Throughout his career, he has managed large accounts. Shortly after retirement, he sought something meaningful to do a few days a week and then bumped into an old elementary school friend, TWC’s executive director Kathy Straniero. “I told her I wanted to do something to help somewhere that uses my business skills, to seek ways to improve the way a business is run,” he said. Kathy wasted no time in signing him up.

He is impressed with the wide range of services provided to the community at Together We Cope, and hopes to assist in reaching more people to support the agency. As for retirement? “It’s going just fine,” he says. “I work out, volunteer, golf in good weather, and attend a lot of kids’ sports for the grandchildren.”