A homeless prevention agency based in Tinley Park, Illinois, Together We Cope provides financial assistance in the form of past due rent, mortgage and utility payments to families in temporary crisis, enabling them to stay in their homes. By supplying basic necessities like food, shampoo, diapers and clothing, this assistance enables our clients to stretch their own dollars even further.

Mission — The mission of Together We Cope is to bridge the gap for Southland residents in temporary crisis by providing food, shelter, clothing and referrals, empowering them to return to self-sufficiency.

Who we help — Together We Cope serves 27 communities in Chicago’s south suburbs, bridging the gap in a number of ways to help people return to self-sufficiency.

How we help — From sudden job loss to catastrophic medical expenses, there are many reasons people suddenly find themselves facing a financial crisis. At Together We Cope, we offer support in many ways with one goal in mind – to prevent homelessness.

Community support — When people support Together We Cope, they help your neighbors stay in their homes. That makes the community stronger for all of us. There are lots of ways you can help – as an individual, a student, a member of an organization or as a business owner or manager.

Board of Directors — A senior leadership team, our board of directors and management staff provide top-notch guidance. This is important to any organization.

History — A commitment to helping others overcome temporary financial challenges provides direction and growth.

Financial reports — IRS Forms 990, Annual Financial Reports, Illinois Forms AG 990

Charity rating — The amount of a charity’s total expense that went directly to the charitable purpose is one factor considered when ratings are calculated.

Online Newsletter — Read the TWC newsletter and get informed as quickly as possible.

“A place for people who need help on everything — food, clothes, and help on bills! Beautiful!” — Sandra

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